Schengen Visa Hologram

Oliver Laric, 2012

Manipulationssichere Hologramm-Aufkleber, zwischen Acrylglas montiert

In der originalen Aufmachung

«Laric’s series of hologram stickered PET sheets employ overlapping layers of small circular holograms that act as signatures. Commissioned by the artist, these holograms were produced in the thousands by factories in Shenzhen, China, a region renowned for the manufacturing and produciton of both official and bootleg goods. The hologram stickers contain imagery in the decorative Guilloche style, commonly used to convey originality when authenticating products, visa documents, certificates and paper money. The holograms also contain depictions of artworks and symbols that have been made widely familiar through excessive reproduction and mediation, such as Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’, the Ancient Greek statue ‘Discobolous’, or Janus – the two-faced Roman God of beginnings and transitions.»
– Tanya Leighton

Privatsammlung Frankfurt am Main

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